The best online loan for the self-employed

Since the financial crisis, banks have also tightened credit conditions for consumer credit (ie small loans). As a result, on the one hand credit applications are increasingly rejected and on the other hand higher interest rates are to be paid.
Under the harder pace of the banks, however, self-employed and business people also suffer professionally. This situation is also economically volatile, because self-employed and entrepreneurs are far more dependent on loans than employees.

Few banks lend to self-employed loans

Few banks lend to self-employed loans

As an independent innovation and financing consultant, we also find that since the financial crisis, the differences in credit offers between different credit companies have increased significantly. These differences are particularly significant for non-Schufa and self-employed loans. Loan seekers are therefore more than ever well advised to obtain several loan offers from different credit providers and compare them. Of course, this effort would be too large, the loan would audition at various branch banks and there ask for a loan. Thanks to the Internet, today it’s time to go to the bank.
Since the online loan is available, it is very easy to get loan quotes and compare them from home by PC / Internet, all for free and without obligation. An online loan comparison can also save a considerable amount of money.

The loan order on the Internet has clear advantages compared to the (home) bank for the customer: Firstly, loans on the Internet are usually cheaper because Internet banks have lower administration costs and renounce expensive advertising campaigns such as banks. These cost savings are then passed on to the credit customers through cheaper interest rates. On the other hand, internet banks also offer loans without Schufa. This is possible because, unlike German banks, foreign banks (eg Swiss banks) do not know any Schufa clauses. Many online brokers work with foreign banks and can therefore offer schufa-free loans. An advantage that the house bank keeps secret …

In addition to online banks


There are also online credit marketplaces, so-called online credit exchanges, such as Women Loan in Germany. Here, the lending customer benefits from cheaper interest rates as borrowers and lenders share the margins that the bank would otherwise collect on its own.

This innovative credit model by Women Loan is particularly suitable for the self-employed. Unlike the banks, the self-employed can present their loan project on the platform Women Loan. Experience has shown that Women Loan is a suitable solution, especially for quickly bridging financing bottlenecks.

Despite the numerous advantages that the Internet offers when searching for credit

Many people looking for a job feel overwhelmed. After all, the loan offer – regardless of whether it’s a commercial loan, car loan or loan repayment – on the Internet is extremely varied, complex and not very transparent. Also, the online loan is often advertised with dubious decoy and low interest rates, which are granted only in the rarest cases really. Furthermore, so-called black sheep frolic on the Internet: These are alleged or fake credit intermediaries, which try to enrich themselves with cheap tricks and scams!

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