Ideas for cheap and alternative Christmas gifts

When there is little time left for the start of the Christmas celebrations, doubts assail us: what surprise could befall our family and friends? In other cases, we are clear about the ideal gift, but it is out of budget for Santa Claus and the Magi. In this article we have the solution: here are some original ideas about cheap Christmas gifts .

But before commenting, an explanatory note: What is cheap? Obviously, it is a very subjective concept. For some, a cheap gift is less than € 10, while there are others who consider economic any detail that is below € 100. In this article we opted for the average: € 50, which also marks the minimum amount of microloans you request with Alternative Lending . Therefore, Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar no longer have excuses: thanks to our financing, they can deal with any of these gifts.

Give away culture: best-sellers or a pack of good movies

Books and movies are a classic gift: they are economic solutions and, in addition, they are culture. Regarding the best sellers , the list is always very interesting at any time of the year. Some of the most successful titles in 2015 are The Kisses in the Bread , by Almudena Grandes, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, and The Return of Cato by Matilde Asensi.

Fifty Shades of Gray is still a mass phenomenon, so a good gift for anyone who has read the first book or is interested in doing so is the complete trilogy with Fifty Darker Shadows and Fifty Shades Released . Another trilogy that continues to grow despite the death of its original author is Millenium : the heirs of Stieg Larsson named David Lagercrantz as his follower and he wrote What does not kill you makes you stronger , the fourth volume of the adventures of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.

As for the films , the indisputable protagonist of these dates is being Star Wars , which has a really faithful audience. Therefore, lovers of the adventures of Darth Vader and company will enjoy the pack of the original Trilogy or any of its continuations: Episodes I-III or IV-VI. The Complete Saga exceeds € 50 of the indicated budget, but with an online loan immediately superior, you can also deal with it.

Original gadgets to catch up with technology.

Original gadgets to catch up with technology.

Gadgets or electronic gadgets are always a good idea to give as gifts. If a suitable device is chosen for each person, they serve to make life more comfortable and easier. For less than € 50 you can find many proposals for all tastes. One of the most practical are the hands-free , small devices consisting of microphone-loudspeaker that are connected by Bluetooth to the mobile phone and serve to talk without hands while driving. Although the latest models of the main brands are out of budget, many others can be considered more than acceptable and economical.

Other proposals are adapted to the needs of each person. For example, keyboards for tablets or even for mobile phones, which will allow you to type faster when using these devices, ideal for those who work in them. The speakers for mobile phones or the wireless headphones for runners are other options that will convince a very special type of user.

T-shirts geeks : cheap and very funny Christmas gifts

T-shirts geeks : cheap and very funny Christmas gifts

Giving clothes is another option that never fails, especially the outerwear that these days come in handy. However, one of the gifts that are more fashionable are the geek shirts , which are sold in many online stores but also in many other traditional shops, such as Friking. In them it is easy to find original and funny clothes for less than € 30, where it is ironic with some classics like the Cookie Monster, the Simpsons or the Disney princesses.

Beauty kit: the best option for wellness

Beauty kit

Increasingly valued physical well-being as a way to achieve a good quality of life. For this reason, numerous chains have appeared in which soap and lotions are sold, the objective of which is precisely the well-being: Lush, L’Occitane or Enjabonarte are good examples of this, where on Christmas dates they prepare attractive packs for less than € 50 that include all types of products designed to care for skin and hair.

Make yours live unique experiences at low prices

Make yours live unique experiences at low prices

But not all gifts have to be physical objects. In fact, one of the most valued options in recent years are the experiences . Companies like Smartbox or La Vida es Bella have packs that give you the choice between a host of activities to enjoy alone, as a couple or as a family. Spas or romantic dinners are some of the favorite plans that can be equated to the price of the previous cheap Christmas gifts.

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